Monday, January 19, 2015

Simpatico: Levi by PerfectFit Photography

'The Art of Simplicity is a Puzzle of Complexity.'
Douglas Horton

When I am searching for a theme while writing about an artist's work, I always spend time with images. Often what I may want to say is not intimately clear, nor on the surface. Sometimes it is about what it triggers with my connecting the visual with the emotional. Sometimes however, there is an obvious choice, a theme that sums up, not just what is seen, but in addition, expresses the artist's intent so perfectly. I often try to avoid the obvious, but in the case of London photographer Craig Dixon, it beautifully flows from each of his images with Levi.

I often stumble upon images of really hot looking models that just don't work. The pieces are not put together properly, and despite all the positive things within the image, the puzzle is not complete. Then there are other times, when I see a shot of a certain model, a model I have seen in many previous images that have not impressed me... This time however, he looks amazing, shot right, lit right, posed and styled correctly. There is a connection, some harmony between artist and model that had not been previously there.

That connection, that Perfect Fit between model and photographer, is evident in their work together and the resulting images. In each image Craig has perfectly shot Levi, great poses which show of his beautiful face and incredible body. Great poses, and Craig skillfully uses his locations, pulling in the beauty which surrounds Levi, and the natural light whether out in the woods, or from the window over the bed.

What is remarkable is that Levi is one of Craig's first models. There is such ease and flow in their work together that speaks to both Craig's skill and his ability to create a comfortable and trusting atmosphere for the models he works with. Craig and Levi worked together long hours, from 4a.m starts at the beach, to late afternoon and evening shoots, to capture that perfect sunset over the lake. The images in the woods were taken at Craig's family home so being interrupted by people passing by was not a problem.

Craig's goal was to create a stand out and comprehensive portfolio for Levi, the goal he has for all the models he shoots. Craig has co-owned and managed a fitness club with his best friend the last five years. Working pretty much flat out to ensure the business was a success, Craig decided to take a step back and turn his hobby, photography, into something more.

No studio...yet, nor any fancy lighting or expensive equipment. Right now, it is just Craig using natural light and the great outdoors to help create portfolio's for the models he works with. Craig says for about every 100 clicks, there are one or two really good pictures, and those images make it all worth while. Craig is enjoying the time he gets to focus on assisting model with building their portfolio's and has not regretted his decision to take time to explore his passion. Craig is currently working with two fitness models and promises to share the results in the future.

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That young man is absolutely perfection!