Monday, January 19, 2015

Who Wore It Better?

Supermarket tabloids have long used the 'Who Wore It Better' theme to pit celebrity (usually female) against celebrity. The definition of celebrity has changed and expanded (not for the better) over the years, widening the targets the tabloids can use. When I was a kid the tabloid covers usually had the faces of actors I saw on television and film and well known singers and politicians. In the late 80's it was all Dallas & Dynasty and Princess Diana and the 90's were occupied with Madonna, Oprah and of course O.J.

I guess O.J is really responsible for the change. Gone from the covers are our beloved tv and movie stars, replaced by Housewives and Gosslen's, and of course the Kardashian's. No longer does skill or achievement warrant celebration, it is one's mistakes, especially if made in public, which are celebrated, dissected, then quickly forgotten. As much in as Paris Hilton had 10 years ago, who actually remembers much of the details today.

Soo... Who wears it better. In Touch, current incarnation, the celebrity weekly which made it's debut in 2002, or In Touch, the previous encarnation featuring hot men, all looking very much like men of the 90's. You decide?

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