Sunday, February 8, 2015

Favorite Face of the Day: Christopher Backus

'Not only an actor but screen writer. I've played a pimp on Sons of Anarchy, a prostitute in Will & Grace, a hit man, Marlene Dietrich, a pirate and a bushwhacker in Lifetime's Deliverance Creek.'
Christopher Backus

Sometimes you see an episode of a television show, a scene from a movie or TV show over and again without noticing. Other times, someone you didn't initially really notice all of a sudden jumps off the screen. That's exactly what happened last weekend when watching an old repeat of Will & Grace. In the episode, Looking For Mr. Good Enough, Will and company are taking a cooking class under the watchful eye of teacher Tracey Ullman. Everyone is partnered up but Will, until that is Adam shows up.

This viewing, I couldn't take my eyes off of Adam, the male prostitute, hired by someone in the class, to partner up with Will. Actor Christopher Backus has a sort of dirty/sexy thing going on, tall, lean, killer smile and of course that great head of beautiful hair! Many of you might be familiar with Backus from roles in many films and guest spots on television on The OC, The Mentalist and most recently Workaholics and Sons Of Anarchy. Hard to believe given hot young Backus looks, the The actor, director and screen writer has been married to actress Mira Sorvino for over 10 years and is the father of their four children.

'Will & Grace was an amazing job. It was really my first big job and to blend into that cast which is as funny on air as off was just so thrilling! Plus James Burrows directed the episode and he's the master at multi-cam! I love all those guys.'

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He looks so delicious in that last picture