Wednesday, February 4, 2015

R.I.P Samcedes

Speaking of Glee, the delicious Chord Overstreet is another alum I am hoping we see lots more of after the show ends this spring. Chord is pretty much sex on a stick and one of the few reasons I have checked back in every once in awhile the last season or two.

Thumbs down to Glee this season however for a couple of reasons. First off, in possibly a money saving move, the show has been claiming 'the entire old gang' is back together, but in truth the entire gang are rarely all together in a scene. One of my favorites, Harry Shum Jr won't appear for another few episodes and although most of the rest of original cast is back, they are shuffled in and out at different times, usually not all together in an effort to make us thing there is an actual crowd in that choir room. They are also usually not used for anything other than glorified extras's hanging out in the background.

In truth, most of the supporting cast of Glee have rarely been used enough, usually serving as background to Kurt and Rachel, the two cast members the writers have tried to shove down our throats. Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer are talented, but to me, they have become insufferable characters, annoying and the least interesting of the group. I would much rather see more of Sam, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, well any of them! Amber Riley is one of the most talented singers and actress's the show has had, yet it continues to push her aside in favor of Michelle.

One of last seasons few bright spots to me, was Samcedes, the romantic pairing of Sam and Mercedes. The two have dated on and off over the last few seasons and last year they finally gave the couple a bit of attention. This season, in order to give their star Michelle a partner, they are again pushing Mercedes aside. Thumbs down Glee, big thumbs down!

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