Monday, May 18, 2015

Back Off Brother!

Looks like Zach Oleynik's days are numbered on Big Brother Canada. I have enjoyed watching the show the last few years, and if you can't watch it on TV, it is usually on-line with Twitter posting each episode within a few hours of it's airing. The first two season were great, mainly because they didn't repeat all of the crap that has bogged down the US version. The US version has become so scripted, and overly 'twist' heavy it has been hard to keep watching.

Sadly Canada's third season seems to have quickly fallen to Big Brothers peer pressure. Of course, I hate seeing the hotties evicted, but it's more how. The producers have stuck their nose in so often, actually playing the game socially or with skill has become pointless. For some reason, so many (including the Producers) seem fixated on a Sarah or Britnee win. Britnee is one of the most boring players in history and except for a few chance wins at opportune times, has really done little but complain. Sarah is just unlikable, whiny and hateful most of the time.

I was hoping for a Bruno win, but I guess with Zach going, I can only root for Godfrey. I hope the show gets back on track next season keeping and reduce their interference a bit. While I'm at it, where the heck is Marcia Even when the game gets boring, a little moose always makes it more entertaining to watch!

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