Monday, May 18, 2015

Kudos to The Billboard Awards

Kudos to The Billboard Awards for doing the seemingly impossible. Welcoming Kanye to the show but ensuring we the audience neither see, nor hear him. Bravo!

The Award show was a mixed bag of odd hosts, presenters and nominees. Almost no one sang exactly live with Mariah perfecting the lip-syncing as she intermittently spoke to the audience and sang to track to help cover the fact she wasn't really singing much at all. On the plus side, it was an entertaining show that helped take my mind off the fact I stupidly have never started watching Mad Men. Also, given I am well into my late thirties, my fantasy's about a fivesom,e (now foursome) are a little less odd now that all of One Direction are now officially over 21.

I was left with just a couple of questions.... Is Nick's success because he is the most talented brother, or because he's the hottest and shows the most skin?

With all the hotties in pop and rock, I think I would still take a pass for Ed Sheeran.

I love me some Jussie Smollett and Bryshere Grey but who else wants to see Trai Byers join his brothers on stage!

And lastly

I will never figure out how the Swift (above) morphed into the Swift (below). (although my theory is HERE:) As talented as she may be, loving that little country girl with the guitar has not really paid off for some of us. Gone, along with all those curls, is her authenticity. Swift has a nice voice for country, but not the power for the Beyonce light tracks she is now starting to sing. Well, at least Mariah and Britney were there to share some tips!

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