Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Prime: The Photography of saki75

'Je ne sais pas si je suis doué mais j'essaye avec mes faibles moyens de mettre en valeur le corps de mes modèles et je pense m'en tirer honorablement,, à vous de juger!'

I think having 'types' is something many of us let go as we mature. When I was in my late teens and early twenties what usually turned me on were young, athletic and straight acting guys. When I got closer to 30, as I questioned my life, my choices, my future, I found myself attracted to guys just a bit older than I was, men established in their careers and who had the confidence I so lacked at the time.

As my thirties dwindle down, types have become pretty much unimportant. There was a time I was only attracted to men a bit younger or a bit older, I could now see myself with someone who was in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties or beyond. I still like hot, athletic young guys on some days, but on other days, they bore me to tears.

Of course I want hot, everybody does, but not at the expense of compassion, humour and decency. A recent study says that men today don't fully mature until about the age of 43. Maturity has become a trait I look for with everyone I now choose to spend my time with. It was easy when I was younger to overlook moments of immaturity, especially if someone was physically attractive, but patience is something I have enjoyed losing over the last few years.

When I reached out to Paris photographer Saki about his imagery, it had nothing to do with the age of the men he shot, age was simply not a factor. I loved Saki's work, the beauty, the sensuality and passion in the men he captures. The men in Saki's images are in their prime. Sexy, strong and confident, devoid of so many of the hang ups which sometimes act as a hindrance to younger models.

Maturity of course is something that is ageless, there are many guys in their late teens and twenties who exhibit a level of maturity that far surpasses men who are older. But... there are many times I am going through images for a post that I can feel the model's struggles and the obstacles which get in their way. Concern about perception, fear of rejection. Sometimes this comes across as nervous energy or stiffness. More often though, it seems to come through with attitude, a shield of cocky to cover the fear of what they're uncovering.

A skilled photographer can relax a model with process or harness the attitude into the images. Saki is an immensely talented artist, but his mission is to enhance what is there, brining out the natural sensuality in the men he shoots. Saki is a self described amateur photographer who takes every opportunity he can to shoot the male nude. Saki reports it can often be difficult to find men to shoot, and therefore in order to hone his craft, must use a model he can depend on, himself.

In amongst the erotically and inviting group of men pictured here is the artist himself. Self portraits taken when he wasn't able to find another model to shoot. Although I will keep which specific model is the featured artist, I think how he see's and photographs himself parallels the care and respect he shows to the other models he shoots.

You can see and feel the care Saki puts into his imagery. The lighting, the set-ups and the attention to beauty and detail. This care comes through in the final images. Saki ensures the men he shoots are both sexy and desirable, shot at their best, capturing a moment of their sexual prime.

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