Tuesday, October 6, 2015


In my on-going effort to bring you the latest stories about the male form, and the accessories that adorn it, I bring you the bag bag. Colorful, sort of fun but totally useless, this novelty sack might make a fun stocking stuffer, (for stuffing in your stock) but really wouldn't be good for much else. I saw this item as I was flicking through e-bay and of course thought it imperative to bring it to your attention.

Now if True Blood were still on the air, or if you are an actor on a cable show, this might make a useful gift. You could delight your co-stars by wearing a different color for each of your naked shooting days and spice up an otherwise mundane day of shooting. The e-bay add describes it as 1pc swimwear, an item that emanates your unlimited charming style.... really, I think it will end up in the same closet with all those singing fish every grandfather and unpopular uncle got on December 25th 10 years ago.

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