Monday, February 15, 2016

Kelly Bishop: At The Ballet

FH began in 2007, the same year The Gilmore Girls went off the air. I hadn't started watching the show until about 2005, with the release of the DVD's. I was all caught up by the shows final season. Many of the 'TV HUNKS' I chronicled during the first couple of years on FH were Gilmore guys.

In addition to Milo, Jared & Company, one of the reasons, and one of my favorite characters on the show was Emily played the fabulous Kelly Bishop. I am beyond excited the show is returning, and although sadly Emily's Richard (Edward Herrmann) cannot return, I am looking forward to seeing lots of Emily. I never really felt the shows last season (not written by Amy Sherman-Palladino) did justice to Lorelai's relationship with her parents. Kelly's scenes with Lauren Graham were certainly some of the most interesting to watch.

A Chorus Line

There were many comments during the shows run about Emily's legs, and no wonder. Kelly is a dancer whose biggest Broadway role was her 1976 Tony Award winning turn as Sheila in A Chorus Line. You can see some of the spirit that eventually ended up in Emily in Kelly's performance of At The Ballet below.

Below: With Gilmore co-stars Keiko Agena and Melissa Mccarthy

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thank you for uncovering the clip of Ms. Bishop!