Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ten Hangs

David Girton was not on Big Brother 15 for long, but long enough to have many people really love, or really dislike him.  It has been three years since David was on the CBS reality show, but he still uses his social media sites to make the most of his 15 minutes.

After his notoriety began to wane, the West Coast surfer began posting nudes on his twitter, lots of them.  Mostly butt shots to begin with, but when people began to take notice, frontals and erection shots followed,  Although currently his twitter is pretty much frontal free, it is still somewhere I like to check out now and then.

I don't check it out just for the nudity, a google search will show you much more.  I check it out as I think Girton is quite a talented and creative model.  Some of his shots are edging toward artistic, and all have the California surfer vibe embedded within.

Although he came off as 'goofy' on TV, if you can put that aside, there is a soulfulness, even a bit of sadness within some of his images.   We all know how difficult it is for young people to achieve job and success today.  It is why so many flock to reality TV and social media.

When Griton's time on Big Brother ended, he used his best asset, his surfer boy persona and appeal, and his surfer by body, to keep people interested.  Once he showed it all, and often, most of his 'fans' moved on to the next guy, a newer reality contestant exposing himself to maintain even the smallest degree of fame.

There is something about Griton that keeps me checking him out thought, I believe there's an artist in there somewhere.  Although David has a great body, I would be interested to see if ever turns the lens on another.  David loves women, but he is also mildly obsessed with gay men and keeping their interest. I think he could capture either well if chose it as a focus.

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Anonymous said...

David also appeared briefly, on season 2 of Dating Naked.