Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Portfolio: Vu by macpics

Déjà Vu?

Well, maybe not quite...  The first time I discovered the work of Ian from macpics, I was enamoured by his images of 22 year old model Vu. Vu's beauty, soulful eyes, not to mention his incredibly sexy body, created a pleasing and memorable impression.

I quickly asked Ian about featuring Vu, and he offered his full support.  I began working on the piece right away. Before finishing, Ian and decided to start with another model, and I thought I would follow-up with Vu a few weeks later.  Problem was, because I had already mapped out the piece, each time I began another piece featuring Ian's work, I mistakenly kept thinking I had already posted the Melbourne photographers work with the exquisitely sensual Vu.

I don't often have the opportunity to feature Vietnamese models, especially one who photographs as beautifully as Vu.  Ian describes him as great to work with, but very quiet and a little bit shy. Obviously Vu overcame his shyness, creating a sensuous seris of images!

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