Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Actor & Role: Timothy Olyphant in Rock Star

The 2001 drama Rock Star is definitely one of my movie guilty pleasures. There is something incredibly sexy to me about Mark Wahlberg and Timothy Olyphant in their 80's rocker tight leather pants, wigs and hair extensions. I don't remember really crushing over 80's rockers when I was a kid. Many of them, have kept the long hair, and grungy look, way past the 'best before' date.

I was totally drawn however, to the rockers of Rock Star. Olyphant is an actor I have really love in some roles, and in some others, not so much. Both Wahlberg and Olyphant both show a flash of crack and the scene in which Jennifer Aniston removes his tighty whities with scissors is a good one!

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