Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Supportive Stance

Last October I decided it was time to put a donate button on the site. I was thinking of making some changes in my career, (which I have since done) and my life and thought after 9 years of working on FH, it was time. I never expected it to bring in much money, but hoped it might cover some expenses and maybe enable me to commission some themed pieces for the site. At that time, I promised not to become a PBS pledge drive, so I waited a year to post about it again. The donate button didn't exactly light any fires when it up, and although FH isn't all about the money, money, money, aside from one early donation (THANK YOU!) the ch-ch-ching ch-ching isn't leadin to any bl-bling-bl-bling. If you enjoy the site and want to make a small donation, thank you! If you enjoy the blog but are unable, that's more than cool as well. Nuff said, at least til next year...
You can use the donate button at the bottom of the site, or check out my original post HERE:

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