Thursday, April 20, 2017

Erotic Authenticity: DirtRoad by Noplacia

' I could tell with our first handshake that Warren was a down-to-earth, sincere person. I remember he kind of chuckling the first time I asked him to flex because that probably felt a little forced for him.'

The term Erotic Authenticity has different meanings for different people. Generally however, it is used to describe someone who not only feels at home with who they are and with their body, but someone intimately connected to their sexual self. When this connection is strong, their ability to express and share their sexual and erotic being, including in photographs, is powerful and real.

This is something photographer Gary Larson saw and felt from his very first meeting with model Warren Russell. Gary has generously shared many of his shoots with Warren, (see more HERE:) but since FH has 'firsts' as it's theme for 2017, I was thrilled Gary sent on images from their very first time shooting together.

'I met Warren shortly after I moved to the Seattle area. He replied to an ad I posted looking for models willing to pose for my art. It was clear during our first shoot that he wasn't like other people I had worked with. Warren does everything in his own way. He dresses in his own style, keeps his hair at a length that looks best on him rather than what current styles dictate.'

If you checked out my last piece featuring Warren taking a stroll in a snow covered forest, (HERE:) you know he is currently sporting a beard and his hair is a bit longer. Although I love Warren's scruffy look, he looks quite dapper, and quite sexy, slipping off his jeans sans the beard and with shorter hair below his tweed driving hat. Even in these images from his first shoot with Gary, Warren appears confident with strong sexual self-esteem.

If any of you have checked out Warren's tumblr (HERE:) you would see some of Gary's drawings of Warren mixed in with he many stunning photographs. Gary's primary purpose for his photos shoots is actually to get source material and inspiration for his drawings. Given how many times they have worked together, and the many visual themes they have explored, Warren has been a frequent source and model for Gary's art. Many of Gary's drawings will be featured next month in an exhibition entitled Aaronic Configuration at the God Hates Robots gallery in Salt Lake City Utah.

'Warren's philosophy about embracing nudity also applies to how he interacts with other people. He is very genuine--not hiding behind fake layers.  As was the case with all of our shoots, he communicated more with body language than with words. He always portrayed a very confident being who had figured a lot of things out in life, but still was looking for new experiences. And never once in any of our shoots did he convey any shyness.'

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