Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Roberts Rear Return

Like other visually stunning astronomical events, every 4-6 years, Canadian actor Shawn Roberts gives us a brilliant full moon. I took out my FH telescope to catch Roberts rear, helpless and tied to a bed in 2004's Going the Distance. (Canadian Back Bacon) I had it ready and waiting when Roberts gave a lengthy flash in the woods in 2009's Black Rain. (Repeat Offender)

Ever since finding out Roberts rear made another appearance in 2015's 40 Below and Falling, I have been waiting for the perfect night to get the best view. The night is come. In 40 below, the story is a known one. Boy meets girl, boy and girl end up stranded, freezing out in the snow. Boy suggests to girl the best way to stay warm in the cold is to remove all of their clothing.

Image below from DaMan

I am hoping with all the talk of immigrants and trade, Roberts, and his incredible rear, (and beautiful hairy chest) will be able to make another appearance, hopefully before another 4 years passes. Roberts is more beef than dairy, so hopefully his next showing will go nice and smoothly.

40 Below And Falling:

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