Sunday, May 28, 2017

Instagrams that Inspire

Back in 2007, in the first month of FH, one of my first faVorite hunks to feature was model and actor Trevor Donovan Neubauer. (HERE:) Although Trevor has since dropped Neubauer from his official credit, the 38 year actor hasn't dropped any of the qualities that make up his considerable appeal.

If you follow Trevor on Instgram, you know that over the past several months, he has been posting a few visual then & now themed shots. Recreating some of his most famous images, including some of his nudes with an updated shot of the same pose. Except for being a bit less blonde, and having bit more facial scruff, Trevor looks as hot, or hotter, than he did when the original was taken. Check them out for yourself on Trevor's Instagram HERE:

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