Sunday, May 28, 2017

Strip U

It's just about that time for Broadway, and Broadway Bares to shine. June is the month for Broadway Bares Fire Island, (June 3rd) The Tony Awards (June 11th) and Broadway Bares (June 18th). If you haven't checked out this years student bodies of Strip U, what are you waiting for. Many of Broadway's hottest, and most talented men are heading to Strip U for the annual fund raiser stripathon. I profiled my many of my favorites in a post last year which you can check out HERE:

Check out the Broadway Cares Fundraising page HERE: to support your favorite stripping student. I have featured many of the talented actors, singers and dancers on FH including Mark MacKillop who is currently on tour with Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage.

Mark MacKillop on Instagram

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