Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Shower Scene by Suntown Photography

'Mojad, Nass, Humide'

I have found myself heading into the shower a few times recently while putting together pieces for FH. We all take showers, for most of us, they are a routine part of our days. Yet, this routine act is also something that can be intensely erotic depending on the circumstances. Stepping into a hot shower before work can be an ordinary, necessary and mundane part of our morning routine. Stepping under that hot pulsing water with an intent other than washing, can bring on an entirely new level of enjoyment to the event.

Bringing in another person, stepping in alone with the purpose to pleasure more than clean are just two of the ways to switch up a showers purpose. Another, is to step into the mist, with a camera focused on you. There is a reason shower scenes in movies tend to be so memorable, Psycho being one of the greatest examples. The shower scene is not just remembered because of it's depiction of Marion Crane's grizzly end, it is also remembered because of the violent interruption of erotically intimate moment.

This interruption of intimacy, is one of the reasons shower scenes are so memorable. It is interesting to me how showers can bring on an added layer of exposure and intimacy. I have featured many shoots in which a model is first shot in a studio or location, totally nude, but also totally dry. Even without a stitch of clothing, they don't seem as naked as they do, wet and in the shower.

A great example of this is a previous two part piece I did featuring Suntown Photography's work with Patrick. Suntown is known for his incredible work outside. On beaches, in fields, on farms and in the woods. Part of his work with Patrick were some incredible shots taken outside in the forest. (The Grove) Although while in the grove Patrick was nude, there was an added level of intimacy and vulnerability in the second part of the shoot when he was captured in the shower. (Steeped)

'Captured' may be part of the eroticism as when in a shower there isn't anywhere to really go or hide. Water is the only real diversion and it's role is to cleanse not cover. Wet is one of several themes Suntown has been exploring and Mojado, Nass. Humide, (Wet. Wet. Wet) is the title of a series of images he has been pulling together. The future book will not just be wet men in the shower, but also include men in the bathtub and outside in lakes and the sea.

Suntown has been teasing his many new projects and shoots on a unique new site, OnlyFans which connects artists with viewers of their work. I especially like that Suntown shares a bit of info on the models and projects that he is featuring. It is a great opportunity for Suntown to feature a mix of both new images and older works from his archive. Given you have to join the site, it is a way to share previously unpublished and sometimes more explicit images to only those who have subscribed to enjoy the catalogue of his works.

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