Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Although maybe best known for his role as 'Skipper' on the short lived eighties soap Flamingo Road, I first noticed actor Woody Brown as a stripper on The Facts of Life. A stripper on The Facts of Life you ask? Woody briefly played Blair's doctor boyfriend Cliff in the late 80's who moonlighted as a stripper to make a little extra cash for school. Of course Blair, who joined Jo at the club to celebrate Mrs Garrett's birthday, was none too pleased.

Woody went on to appear in a string of soft core films in the 90's. Although the focus was female nudity, Woody appeared naked in three of his films, including a very very brief frontal in Secret Games 3. As wholesome and as the former football star looks with his boy next door looks, his love scenes are surprisingly cannibalistic with Woody looking like he enjoyed every second of ripping the panties off his many B-lister co-stars.

With Morgan Fairchild and the cast of Flamingo Road

Animal Instincts II (1984)

The Rain Killer (1990)

Secret Games 3 (1994)

It is quick, and not that clear, but that's Woody woodpecker peeking out at the bottom of the frame.

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Lee Parsifal said...

Thanks for the photos of Woody.

One of my all time favourites showed a bare-chested Woody with another actor (?) in a Christmas stocking with a third bare-chested guy at their feet. It was published in After Dark Magazine and I've only found it in one place: the Homodesiribus blog doing a search on the label "After Dark" : much scrolling is required. Sadly there is no caption and no photographer is mentioned although perhaps Kenn Duncan.