Saturday, October 27, 2018

Marc Price in Trick or Treat

'You should be loyal to your heroes... they can turn on you.'
Sammi Curr

I don't think too many people watching Family Ties would have guessed Skippy Handelman would be featured in a kind of hot embarrassment themed nude scene in a heavy metal horror flick.  But... that's exactly what happened when actor Marc Price starred in Trick or Treat in 1986.

A bullied teenage boy is devastated after the death of his heavy metal idol, Sammi Curr. But as Hallowe'en night approaches, he discovers that he may be the only one who can stop Sammi from making a Satanic comeback from beyond the grave.

Price is perfect as high school outcast Eddie Weinbauer  and the horror comedy also features rockers  Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne and actor Doug Savant, he rips of Eddie's towel before shutting him out of the locker room in the scene below.

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