Sunday, May 11, 2014

Favorite New Face on Thursday Nights: Ditch Davey in The Black Box

I didn't expect much from ABC's new The Black Box, the premise seemed muddled and with all the shows being yanked the past few weeks, I was reluctant to invest in another drama, especially one so emotionally driven. My love for Vanessa Redgrave however, had me DVR the show and last week I finally watched the first three episodes. I love it. Although I almost stopped during the first half hour of the pilot, (too many dreams and misleading scenes) the show settled in with focused narrative and I became engrossed with life of Dr. Catherine Black. I had never heard of Kelly Reilly before, but her portrayal of the bi-polar, and emotionally broken Catherine is both fascinating, annoying as well as highly watchable and an acting tour de force for the shows lead actress.

Above: Ditch and The Black Box co-stars Kelly Reilly and David Ajala

Also making the hour speed by is the incredibly sexy face, and body, of actor Ditch Davey. The Australian born Davey was originally named Kristian Lind, but legally changed his name to Ditch at 18. Turns on Australian shows Blue Heelers and Sea Patrol led Davey to his most well known as Nemetes on Spartacus: War of the Damned.

Below: Ditch and his beautiful wife Sophia

I am not hopeful ABC will stick with The Black Box, the pilot's ratings were so so in its Scandal time slot, and have dropped with it's subsequent episodes. I would still encourage you to check it out, the show is only 3 shows in for it's 13 episode season so there is still time for viewers to find it. The shows complicated characters however may make it off putting and maybe 13 hours is enough to tell the story. 13 was certainly was the case with Under The Dome which is being dragged out for a second season. At least check out it for Mr. Davey who I predict will land on his feet nicely after his exposure on the show.

Ditch in Spartacus: War of the Damned

Below: Ditch in TJ Scott's In The Tub Series


Bobby F. said...

I love the show and thanks to this past week's revelation that hearing music that isn't there (I sometimes hear it when my white noise sleep box is running at night) makes me wonder if my bipolar is returning.

Anonymous said...

Kelly is great! Check out The Spanish Apartment and Russian Dolls. Two great movies that she's in.