Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fusion: Kaleb by YogaBear Studio

With each new visit to YogaBear Studio's substantial portfolio, there is always a new model, a new shoot which inspires me to contact David about another feature. On today's visit, it was not a new shoot, but one from 2007 that grabbed my attention. Although David's full body shots are extraordinary, images which capture his passion for both stillness and movement within pose and stance, it was his portraits of Kaleb which drew my attention and mesmerized my visual senses.

David's portraits were full of both emotion and volume. Kaleb's tousled mane, combined with his facial expressions beautifully pull in together many of the themes David explores within his imagery. What most impresses me in David's images is his ability to capture his subjects so at ease and relaxed. I am not sure if Kaleb arrived at the shoot completely comfortable removing all of his clothing and posing in front of the camera, but in David's hands, he looks at one with his surrounds, the camera no longer an inanimate image capturing device, but instead an extension of David, fusing together artist and subject.

'I worked with Kaleb during a trip to San Francisco--we headed up north to the Pt Reyes area and struggled to get good pics on a rainy day. Kaleb was a great sport and we got all those pictures in the forest setting, finding sheltered spots to shoot.'

'The indoor pics were done later in the day at the hotel room. I was forced to use my spare telephoto lens for most of the shots because my regular lens had gotten wet and started to fog up in the room. He is a free spirit and a talented yogi, which made for a interesting and inspiring session. I had another chance to work with him on some yoga pictures in 2012 when he was visiting San Diego.'

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Chris Teel said...

Great shots, creative poses!

Daniel Paul said...

Two Words

FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!