Sunday, September 20, 2015


It's EMMY night and as always FH is saluting the many hunky nominated actors. Back when Tom Wopat, Eric Estrada and Greg Evigan were ruling Prime Time, a FH EMMY tribute would consist mostly of hairy chests, tight jeans lots of wavy hair. Today, thanks to Netflix, cable and HBO, many of the nominated actors, used to dropping trou for movies, find themselves pantless even more for their television roles.

The past few years, my salute to the EMMY'S has included 'skin' shots of the nominated actors in most of the major categories. This year, I decided to switch it up a bit. If you want the complete list of nominee's, you can check them out at Variety's Emmy nomination list HERE:

Jim Brown

This year, I chose 8 nominated actors who either intrigued me, I had/have a crush on, or have some connection with. Some of the actors shows I watch, many I have yet to see. The first three nominated actors are below and the remaining 5 are on the second page, so be sure to check them all out. I have not watched all of Mad Men, but I am hoping given the show has ended, this might be Jon Hamm's year to take home the statue. The EMMY'S is always one of my favorite award shows as unlike the Oscar's, television, and TV Shows have defined so much of my life.

Peter Dinklage

I still remember DALLAS on Friday nights. I was too young to really actually enjoy and watch it at the time, but I distinctly remember the power of being in our rec room and noticing this was the only time each week my parents came together to watch a television show together. The world stopped when they watched. My siblings and I knew not to interrupt and I remember enjoying watching, not the show, but my parents watching the 20 inch screen, it felt safe. Through jr high, high school, university and beyond, each phase of my life had a show that anchored the time. Some of the shows were escapes, some were comforting and some brought together friends and family. Today, with so many options around the dial, it is difficult to find a show that has the power to bring people together in the same way. Sporting events, political debates and of course Award shows are as close as we get today.

David Oyelowo

Jon Hamm

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