Thursday, December 17, 2015

Stop Pretending You Don’t Have Genitals by Tyler Dårlig Ulv

Most of you who caught my July interview with Tyler Dårlig Ulv, (Solitary Creature) know that he looks hot from the both the front and the back. (as seen in the selfie below) It is the front however that Tyler put the focus on with his recent blog article, Stop Pretending You Don’t Have Genitals.

'Let’s talk about bulges and the mass-produced underwear and clothing designed to disguise them.'


Almost all main stream clothing lines design clothing to spotlight women's breasts, and the asses of both sexes. Very few design clothing that shows off a man's genitals in the same way. Maybe it's time to design men's underwear and pants that don't make men all look like Ken dolls.


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