Monday, October 10, 2016

Ten: Hunter by YogaBear Studio

'YogaBear Studio provides fine portrait and physique photography for men of all ages and body types.'

It was back in 2011 that I first profiled the work of YogaBear Studio. Since that first piece, YogaBear's work has appeared in close to 50 features on the site. I have featured the yoga, I have featured the bears and I have covered so many of men that David has so beautifully captured.

I have loved David's location work and the stories he and his models have shared from their time on the beach, the desert, the railroad tracks and the old splintered porch. I have equally loved David's studio work which weaves classic male physique poses with David's signature nod to yoga poses and spiritual warriors of the past.

I also love how David often weaves in shots of the various stages of undress, something I especially love in his studio work. I first saw these shots of Hunter last spring and immediately asked David about featuring the shoot. I love his look, Hunter is incredibly hot, and I especially enjoy how much fun he seems to be having in front of the David's lens. It took a little while to get in touch with Hunter about featuring his images, but the wait made Hunter's appearance perfectly timed to help celebrate FH's 10th. Be sure to check out many more images of Hunter on his page on YogaBear Studio's site HERE:

YogaBear Studio

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Michael A. Deer / Pride of Paradise Photography said...

Such beautiful image work.