Monday, October 10, 2016

Ten: POTD 2012

Image from Gordon Nebeker

One of the things I love best about working on FH is the relationships I have formed, and the artists who put their trust in the site, and my ability to respectfully present their work. Trust is an intricate piece of art, especially when the art's focus is the naked male form. The best photographers respect the fears, vulnerabilities, boundaries and egos of the men they are shooting.

Alex by New Manhattan Studios

In turn, I have learned to respect the trust models place in the artists that shoot them, and what I share as I put together the text. Sometimes the most interesting and titillating stories, are the ones that I have to leave out. Often a photographer or model will share a story or image, not to include in the story, but to give me context and help in putting together the text.

Image from Robert J Guttke

2012 marked the first appearance of several significant artists and contributors. Many of the artists have become trusted collaborator and supporters. Many have not only continued to share their work, many have shot images exclusively for FH. Gordon Nebeker, Steven Kahrs, JayBee, Robert J. Guttke, DAVISICON and Bob Burkhardt all had their first features in 2012. The year also marked the first post from New Manhattan Studios, and of course Wes's work with Alex, a model who is now one of the studio's photographers.

Image from Steven Kahrs

Some of the many other photographers who have become multiple contributors have included; Andrew Bowman, JGH Photography, Eros Adonis, Danny Barson, ClearEye, Dennis Nauert, Get Shot by Christopher, Brenton Parry, Suntown Photography, Max Woltman, Fotorebelxt Photography, Chris Free, Sean Cooper, Unlimited Male, H2H PHotography and Bacchus Stuart and his work with Quinn Christopher Jaxon.

Image from Bob Burkhardt

Image from Danny Barson

Image from Eros Adonis

2012 also marked the debut of theme days, days when each of the 5 stories covers the same focus. Some of the themes have included, men of the cloth, models with horses and a salute to the stage version of Into The Woods. I began however with Circus featuring the work of flondo, Richard Rothstein and StudioMG Photography.

Image from StudioMG Photography

Image from JGH Photography

Image from Andrew Bowman

Image from ClearEye

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