Sunday, November 20, 2016

Charlie Weber: Shave and a Haircut

Like many of you, I was first introduced to actor Charlie Weber when he played Ben, the human mortal prison of big baddie Glory during the fifth season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Ben, and Weber were adorable, especially when changing from his scrubs in the hospitals doctor's lounge.

Weber as Ben on Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2000-2001)

Although Weber remained a busy working actor, I didn't see much of Weber on screen after Buffy ended until he showed up as Frank on How to Get Away with Murder. I didn't connect the actor to Ben at first, Weber was just as hot, but his face was covered with longer hair and full beard. I loved season one of Murder, but have to admit Frank was one of the least compelling characters to me at the tiem.

The show's frequent flashbacks and overly dramatic and uneven plot lines, had me tuning out most of season 2, but the 'which character member died' hook this season had me turning back in. For most of the last few episodes I was sure it was Weber's Frank. Although it wouldn't have been as shocking as the ultimate fire victim, Frank was written as the likely suspect. This season, Frank went from being my least favorite character to my most favorite, mostly due to Weber's performance.

How to get Away with Murder transformation

Yes Weber's physical transformation didn't hurt, Frank is achingly sexy minus his hair and beard, and the shirtless scenes help as well, but it is Weber's portrayal of Franks pain that drew me to the character. The relationships on Murder are complex, sometimes too much so, but Weber brought it home with his performance especially in the shows last two episodes. Sadly, ABC loves there silly and contrived 'mid-season' finales, so it will be January before we Frank and company again.

Femme Fatales (2012)

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