Sunday, November 27, 2016

Geodesy: Lake Powell by Gordon Nebeker

Geodesy: The scientific discipline that deals with the measurement and representation of the Earth (or any planet), including its gravitational field, in a three-dimensional time-varying space.

When I started working on today's piece, there was one image that I thought represented what is so special about the Utah shoot. If you scroll up and take another look at the image I used as pic of the day, I think you'll know what I mean. I spent about 10 minutes staring at the beauty and brilliance of Gordon Nebeker's image of Patrick laying on sand and stone.

The contrast of the lines of body and earth were memorizing, almost like one of those visual mind bender images that has you looking closely and deeply to see what mysteries might be hidden within. The lines and patterns, both on, and surrounding Patrick, were both wondrous and unique. I have always found Gordon's work to have a lyrical quality, and his work in Utah always is a visual concerto weaving together man, location and artistry.

It may be in part, Nathan's dance background, but in almost every image, you almost feel an orchestra booming in he background. In the image above, the hand and arm movements, especially Jacob's, seem to be posed as if hitting a final pose at the end of a dramatic, and beautifully naked ballet.


'Nathan is a happy soul! A classical ballet dancer by training (though equally good with modern dance), he always had an amusing story to tell and could beat any of us at movie or theater trivia questions. And boy could he pose!! He would fall naturally into some difficult position and we would be left with our mouths open (while taking photos) thinking, “how does he DO that!” While none of the models had met previous to our shoot, they got along pretty well and the Las Vegas slogan easily applies: “What happens on Lake Powell, STAYS on Lake Powell”


'Jacob was very quiet at first. I think he prefers to watch from the sidelines until he feels comfortable with what is happening. Perhaps that is because he was the youngest of the three models although he is experienced beyond his years. We teased him the first couple of days as he was always wrapped up in a towel or blanket when we were between shoot locations but he finally admitted that his next modeling job a day after we got back home required that he have no tan lines so it all made sense. Jacob is classically proportioned and was a handsome addition to our model group.'

Mike shooting Nathan

Mark capturing Jacob

Thanks to Gordon, Mark and Mike for supporting and trusting FH in presenting their Utah adventure. A special thanks to Gordon who pulled everything together to send it all on for the Thanksgiving weekend, especially given and his hectic schedule last week!

'Lake Powell is a museum of erosion.'

'Patrick is a “can do” guy. Whatever needs doing, he gets it done. From setting boat anchors to figuring out how to connect an iPod to the stereo system aboard the boat, Patrick figured out how to do it. He also has no issues with getting naked and loved our shoots out of doors. None of us were really ready to leave the lake when the time finally came to do so but I think Patrick was the most reluctant one to leave. '

Patrick and Nathan

(l-r) Jacob, Patrick and Nathan

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