Sunday, December 11, 2016

Water Moves by Hans Fahrmeyer

'If photos are messages, then Hans Fahrmeyer is one of the most prolific messengers of today and classic times. From his apprentice days of learning his photography craft in the lost art of darkroom developing, you know this man can wrestle more out of an image than most emerging and long term photographers. It's his use of the lens, light, experience and passion which massages his images to an unexpected portrayal.'

From the waves of the Atlantic ocean, to the glistening surface of the the swimming pool.
From the soapy bathtub, to the heat and pulse rushing from the shower head.
To the drops of sweat dripping across your neck, back and slowly down your butt crack.
The moist and sensual feel as water moves over a hot, sexy and acutely ready body.

Today, with Twitter, tumblr and hundreds of other sites, images of naked bodies abound. For many, this is a great thing, having an endless supply of penis pictures to enjoy. The downside however is the lack of creativity and quality that comes with an overabundance of orgasmic stimulation. With so many images, the bodies cease to be actual men, and the human piece man becomes secondary to girth, length and level of erection.

One of the reasons I annoyingly add so many words around the images I feature is to ensure the hu is always connected to man. That the models have names and that the images were created through the hard work and passion of the artists and photographers who created them. When I first started searching the net for images of the male form, there were a few sites, and a few artists whose work brought me back to their images again and again.

WATER MOVES from Hans Fahrmeyer on Vimeo.

Artists who didn't just photograph butts and penises, but models, with names and personalities. I remember frequently going back to a site I know many of you have gone to in the past. VistaVideo was the place I first discovered the work of New York photographer and artist Hans Fahrmeyer. Hans and his images on Vista introduced many of us to many models, the most well known being Marcel and Phil Fusco.

Hans' images were bold, colorful and unabashedly sexual. The images were intended to evoke desire, and Marcel, Phil, and so many of the models Hans shot openly welcomed the viewers desire. This may sound simple, but it surprising how many photographers and models I have contacted about FH are uncomfortable with viewers lusting after an image or a specific model. There are many photographers who though all of their work is of naked men, want to discuss the images ad if they shot a tulip or a kitten.

Hans Fahrmeyer is not one of those photographers. His images drip with desire, creativity, color and passion. Hans has introduced me to so many models and images that have continued my own passion for the male form in art. In addition to Marcel and Phil, Hans's work has sparked my following the careers of Nick Ayler, Santiago Peralta, Nick Pizzaro, Eddy, Roman and Phat Daddy. Models and images that spark a desire to not only see, but learn more about the man in front of, and behind the lens. This desire to me, is the nucleus for my love of great imagery. All of these features, and all of the models mentioned are a part of Hans new work Water Moves, A collection of hundreds of image and close to 160 pages dripping with unabashed desire.

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