Sunday, December 11, 2016

Blast from the Past: Totally Rad!

A couple of years ago, I did a Blast from the Past post, asking FH readers for suggestions of actors, singers and performers to feature in the series. The Internet is immensely fascinated with who's 'hot at the moment', but one of my goals with FH, was to also spotlight talented and beautiful men who were important parts in the history of our lives.

A FH reader wrote in with a couple of suggestions, none of whom I really had memories of. Although a little googling told me who they were, some were before my time. I find it difficult sometimes to write about actors whom I don't actually have a connection with. I oddly need to have seen a movie or project that touched me to want to write and research their images and career.

At the top of the site readers list was actor Rad Daly. Rad rose to fame in the 70's, and worked steadily on television and film in the 80's. Roles became scarce after that, with a small role in Crimson Tide his only IMDB credit for the 90's. In the last couple of years, Rad appears to be working a bit more, and has a few projects coming out in the next year. I remember Rad a bit from teen magazines in the late 80's, but wasn't sure I had actually seen any of his work, until last week.

One of my many movie channels was playing '10' a few months ago, and I DVR'd it since the movie is so well known and I had not seen it before. 1979's 10 put Bo Derek on the map and although I had certainly had heard of the movie, knew it mostly from images of Bo Derek running along the beach. I had time to watch it on the weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews put in great performances, and Bo, and her beach running, were not as big a part of the movie as I had thought. In addition, we got a few scenes of the incredibly hot Sam Jones as Bo's husband.

The movie also included a few scenes featuring a cute kid playing Julie Andrews son. I remembered that face from a my searches on Rad after the blog reader had asked me to feature him. Now... with an actual movie and role that I had watched, I was inspired to to go back to the blog readers suggestion. Rad was, and is a hottie, and was quite good in his supporting role in 10. I will have to check out his other work, as there are a few old TV shows on his resume, I have always wanted to check out.

Rad in Out of the Blue

A recent head shot of Rad, still looking hot with those beautiful blue eyes!

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