Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ben: Private Eyes....

They're watching you
They see your every move'

'My favorite experiences modeling is always he people I get to meet. I have modeled for a lot of private photographers.'

It's always fascinating for me when I learn new things about modeling and photographing the male form. I tend to assume most photographers shoot, and most models pose, in order to share their work with a broader audience. Years ago, I was interested to learn that there are collectors, who privately hire photographers to shoot certain models, with the results for the most part, for the collectors eyes only. I had not known however, about models who pose for private sessions with photographers.

Tina Turner fans are aware of Private Dancers, and the concept is really quite similar. The photographer's goal isn't so much to take images for pubic enjoyment, but to take images, and partake in the shoot, for their own enjoyment. Their identities are kept secret, and it is up to the model whether they wish to share the results of their artistic collaboration.

30 year London model Ben has been interested in modeling and the male form in photography since he was a kid. He remembers seeing Cologne advertisements in magazines and being struck by the incredibly powerful photos of the men and women depicted. Ben describes himself as uninhibited, and not afflicted with an overactive sense of modesty. Ben enjoys exploring eroticism, and believes shoots should be fun and enjoyable for both artist and model. That doesn't mean unprofessional, Ben takes his work seriously, showing up prepared, rested and ready to use his experience to create great create provocative, sexy and creative images.

'I think the theme has to be there but definitely the feeling on the day motivates me. Like most things, the best photos are often not planned. I had the partner of a private photographer unexpectedly walk in on a quite awkward nude pose, she looked a bit surprised but ended up staying and joining me for few photos. That was definitely the most sexiest shoot i have been in.'

Ben has always been comfortable being naked, and says even when in front of the camera, he's naked most of the time. Given the private setting, Ben has had his fair share of strange offers and requests, but is never put off. Ben views it as a compliment and says most of the men and women who have hired him for shoots have been amazing. When I first saw Ben's images, I was not aware they were taken by a private photographer. I was struck by his piercing dark eyes, his sensual look and sexual confidence, and the beautiful lines and curves he created with his body. Although his portfolio is mostly made up of images from private shots, Ben joined Model Mayhem hoping to connect a wider variety of artistic talent.

Photographer Ben Would love to be shot by?   Olivier Valsecchi hands down!

Part of your body are you most happy with?  I love my Legs and bum. I often get complimented on how powerful they look.

What part gets the most attention from others?  When on private shoots, I get a lot of attention on my penis... its probably because its a grower!

Why do you think you like modeling?  The freedom to express and provoke feelings & emotions from just a photo

What would your dream scenario be for a shoot?  I would love to work with other models in Bondage shoots.

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