Wednesday, May 2, 2018

FaVorite FiVe: Sebastian Sauvé

My FaVorite FiVe series might as well be called sexy six or sensual seven given that rarely am I able to narrow down my favorite images of a particular model to just five. With model Sebastian Sauvé, I got it down to about 14 before forcing myself to cut the number in half.

Sebastian was discovered while traveling the year before starting University. When in LA, he was spotted by someone staying at the same hostel he and his girlfriend were staying at. After his casting, he was quickly offered a contract but had to turn it down due to having to leave for school in England in just a few days. However, through their recommendation, Sebastian was sent to Premier in London and he shares that's where it all began.

I love Sebastian's look, sort of preppy bad boy with his distinctive face and great lips. I had saved an image of the Michigan born model awhile ago, but it wasn't credited and didn't initially come up on my google image search. I recently saw the image again on Pinterest, this time, with proper credit. Sebastian says he never thought he could ever be a model, but now that he's achieved success he plans to enjoy the ride.

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