Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Blast From The Past: Bruce Penhall

Although I have certainly heard of the classic television show CHiPS, I don't think that I never seen an episode. I have certainly have never seen an episode with Bruce Penhall, who stepped in during the show's last season after co-star Larry Wilcox left the show. I came upon an image of Penhall when putting together a piece Beat, last summer, and knew he needed a Blast From The Past post of his own.

Penhall may have seemed a perfect replacement given he embodies the California surfer look with his blonde hair and beach body. Penhall is indeed a surfer and former motorcycle racer and had the athleticism required for the role. After the series ended, so pretty much did Penhall's acting career. A few guest spots and straight to video movies followed, but by the late 90's, Penhall's time on screen was pretty much over with his last appearance being in the 1999 CHiPS reunion movie.

Penhall on The Love Boat

Researching images of Penhall proved a pleasant experience. Penhall was rarely shot in a shirt, usually in short, and often on the beach with a surfboard in his hand. Although his time in prime-time was brief, it was memorable enough to have made him a huge hit in teen magazines at the time.

Penahall with Shannon Tweed modeling swimsuits for US Magazine

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