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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 23rd

Tim by Mike Tossy
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Happy Birthday today April 23rd

Happy 38th Brad!

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Ad Men

Dior Homme

Kevin Bernhardt in Le Feu sous la peau

Last year, one of my favorite actor pieces focused on actor Kevin Bernhardt and his role in 1993's Treacherous. (Rare Rear Frontal) I thought Kevin's nude scene was incredibly hot, and fairly unique given his 'frontal' was seen through his legs from the rear.

When I was doing Kevin's birthday post earlier this month, I linked back that piece and reread a comment from a FH reader. The poster asked about the film Fire Under The Skin, a flick I had not seen, until last week. The 1985 flick was Kevin's first film, but it was difficult to find out much about. Fortunately, searching under it's French and Italian translation took me to a few more images and info about the film.

The French DVD left the T off the end of Kevin's name.

Kevin's character Raphael is certainly busy in the soft core flick. While visiting a friend in America, he seduces pretty much an entire family. Although most were women, Raphael found time to give daddy a little time and attention as well. In the most memorable scene, Dad has Raphael try one a few pairs of his large collection of underwear and speedos, getting a good rear view from the bedroom mirror.

Visual Variation: ReVisiting Tim by Mike Tossy

'When you get a hot redheaded guy who is willing to take off his clothes in front of the camera... you grab the opportunity!'

Most FH readers are aware of my love of gingers. I have featured many redheaded models and actors over the years and written in several pieces about why I am so drawn to ginger men. For starters there's simply visual variation. If you were an artist, only able to paint with hues of brown and black, having the odd tube of vibrant red added to your palette would be an incredibly welcomed gift.

In addition to the burst of color gingers add to visuals, they also add visual complexities with their skin tone and freckles. Being so rare, gingers are memorable, leaving a stronger impact on those around them. If you asked me to do a list of the blondes, brown or black haired models I have featured, I could name a few favorites, but would become overwhelmed with the countless choices. If you asked me to name the gingers I have featured, I could most likely list almost all of them without much effort.

One of the most memorable gingers that I have featured is undoubtedly Tim. Tim's first appearance on FH was back in 2010. (Seeing Red) I feel in love with Tim's images for many reasons including his ability to surprise. Tim had a great face, beautiful eyes and regardless of whether long or short, a great head of red hair. When dressed, Tim could appear clean cut, the boy next door. He looked a bit like the straight laced good student who sat next to you in geometry class. When Tim's clothes were off hwever, I felt an entirely different energy.

Tim seemed so open and free when naked, uninhibited and incredibly sexual. Under those clothes was a lean sexy body that seemed to move quicker and with more ease without the restrictions of clothing covering his skin. With Tim's support, I went on to feature more of his work, in and out of his clothes. First, later in 2010 in a series of shots from Desi from Zedneram Imagery. (HERE:) Then, in 2011, showcasing his work with one of my favorite photographers to feature, Mike Tossy.

I first featured Mike's work in 2009, but it was his work with Tim that had me asking about devoting a post to their work together. Mike's images captured everything I loved so much about Tim's work, including his athleticism and artistry. It was not surprising to learn Tim had also starting shooting his own images after seeing the beauty and flow Mike captured in their short time together.

Mike's shots of Tim, especially those of him scaling up the brick wall have become some of my all time favorite shots to feature. I have mentioned in previous pieces that Mike has an instinctive ability to encapsulate both personality and form within his images. Something some artists struggle to achieve, Mike is able to weave together with elegance and ease. The sexy shot above blends a hint of mystery while also creatively capturing Tim's beautiful body as well as a tiny peak at the soul behind Tim's captivating blue eyes.

When I checked in with Mike about revisiting his work with Tim he was fully supportive. A fellow ginger fan, Mike sent on a selection what he considered to be some of his best shots from their time together. I loved the shots, but had used many of them in the first the first piece. Mike kindly took the time to go back into his archives, and edited some shots that did not initially make his top tier to provide some new images for me to include. The images in this piece weave some of my favorites from both sets. Mike also answered a few of my questions about how his shoot with Tim all came together.

How did you first meet/see Tim and what had you wanting to connect for a shoot?

'As I recall we met through Tim had done some modeling and he looked promising. Desi had made contact initially.'

Tim photographs as very open and physically flexible. Did you have a shot list prior to shooting, or did some of the locations and acrobatic occur spontaneously?

'I never work from a shot list. The process of photography for me is very much an exploration. Part of why Tim's shoot was successful was that he was willing to be part of the exploration.'

I know Desi was present, and Mark popped in during the shoot as well. How did this come together?

'Desi had made contact initially. We all agreed to a split of expenses and Tim's time between the photographers. Tim was living a fair distance away and it was less travel time for him. I was working on a series of photographing the photographer and model in action, so in the morning I primarily photographed Desi shooting Tim. Then in the afternoon I shot Tim myself. Marco briefly popped in that afternoon. Hard to believe all those images were from one very long day. Tim was a real trooper!'

From a photographers prospective, what draws you to gingers?

'Partially, they are very rare. Redheads are rare. Nude male models are rare. So when you get a hot redheaded guy who is willing to take off his clothes in front of the camera... you grab the opportunity! Tim was more than some hot ginger model, he was a very talented model -- full of energy and enthusiasm.'

Check out a few more of Mike's shots of Tim, as well as a few from Mark (StudioMGPhotography) when he dropped in on the shoot on The OVER-FLOW HERE:

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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 21st

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Happy Birthday today April 21st

Happy 29th to actor Robbie Amell!

The Duff cemented my crush on the other Amell!  Check out more of Robbie on FH HERE: 
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Instagrams that Inspire

The exquisitely beautiful Fraser Barke has made a name for himself internationally, modeling for some of the world's top selling brands. The Canadian model keeps in shape as soul cycle instructor, working his body into a sweat several times a day to keep in top shape for both fashion, and skin baring fitness. Fraser also isn't shy about sharing a bit of skin with the many selfies (often while brushing his teeth) on his Instagram.

A Roberts Rear Return

Like other visually stunning astronomical events, every 4-6 years, Canadian actor Shawn Roberts gives us a brilliant full moon. I took out my FH telescope to catch Roberts rear, helpless and tied to a bed in 2004's Going the Distance. (Canadian Back Bacon) I had it ready and waiting when Roberts gave a lengthy flash in the woods in 2009's Black Rain. (Repeat Offender)

Ever since finding out Roberts rear made another appearance in 2015's 40 Below and Falling, I have been waiting for the perfect night to get the best view. The night is come. In 40 below, the story is a known one. Boy meets girl, boy and girl end up stranded, freezing out in the snow. Boy suggests to girl the best way to stay warm in the cold is to remove all of their clothing.

Image below from DaMan

I am hoping with all the talk of immigrants and trade, Roberts, and his incredible rear, (and beautiful hairy chest) will be able to make another appearance, hopefully before another 4 years passes. Roberts is more beef than dairy, so hopefully his next showing will go nice and smoothly.

40 Below And Falling:


Erotic Authenticity: DirtRoad by Noplacia

' I could tell with our first handshake that Warren was a down-to-earth, sincere person. I remember he kind of chuckling the first time I asked him to flex because that probably felt a little forced for him.'

The term Erotic Authenticity has different meanings for different people. Generally however, it is used to describe someone who not only feels at home with who they are and with their body, but someone intimately connected to their sexual self. When this connection is strong, their ability to express and share their sexual and erotic being, including in photographs, is powerful and real.

This is something photographer Gary Larson saw and felt from his very first meeting with model Warren Russell. Gary has generously shared many of his shoots with Warren, (see more HERE:) but since FH has 'firsts' as it's theme for 2017, I was thrilled Gary sent on images from their very first time shooting together.

'I met Warren shortly after I moved to the Seattle area. He replied to an ad I posted looking for models willing to pose for my art. It was clear during our first shoot that he wasn't like other people I had worked with. Warren does everything in his own way. He dresses in his own style, keeps his hair at a length that looks best on him rather than what current styles dictate.'

If you checked out my last piece featuring Warren taking a stroll in a snow covered forest, (HERE:) you know he is currently sporting a beard and his hair is a bit longer. Although I love Warren's scruffy look, he looks quite dapper, and quite sexy, slipping off his jeans sans the beard and with shorter hair below his tweed driving hat. Even in these images from his first shoot with Gary, Warren appears confident with strong sexual self-esteem.

If any of you have checked out Warren's tumblr (HERE:) you would see some of Gary's drawings of Warren mixed in with he many stunning photographs. Gary's primary purpose for his photos shoots is actually to get source material and inspiration for his drawings. Given how many times they have worked together, and the many visual themes they have explored, Warren has been a frequent source and model for Gary's art. Many of Gary's drawings will be featured next month in an exhibition entitled Aaronic Configuration at the God Hates Robots gallery in Salt Lake City Utah.

'Warren's philosophy about embracing nudity also applies to how he interacts with other people. He is very genuine--not hiding behind fake layers.  As was the case with all of our shoots, he communicated more with body language than with words. He always portrayed a very confident being who had figured a lot of things out in life, but still was looking for new experiences. And never once in any of our shoots did he convey any shyness.'