Sunday, October 14, 2007

Favorite Guy from Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency

Tony Perez

Tony was my favorite model from season one. He seems to be going by Tony LeTigre these days. There was something about him that drove me wild. I have searched for why he was not on season 2, there was no explanation given, but his myspace page makes it clear he is no fan of Janice. If Tony or anyone who knows reads why he left after the first season, please let me know.

Tony's Myspace Picture Page:

More Tony Here:


Alejandro said...

Oh, I know what he's up to. I'm the guy pinching his nipple in that photo. Let's just say that he keeps busy, he's very cool, and it cracks me up that you have this post about him. Cheers!

TyeBriggs said...

You Lucky Devil!
The reason I posted about Tony was It was easy to see he was a pretty cool guy from the show.
Tx for the comment