Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idol: My thoughts so far

I think it is too early to be screaming about anyone on this show yet. It is too bad that Simon and company are already saying things like "Your the one to beat" so early in the season. In the past it seemed to me comments such as these were held until after the top 12 were picked. So far no one on the male or female side has stood out to me. This is not odd though, my faves in the past usually did not surface until the top 12 take off and the show switches to the big stage. I am already a little bored, especially of the judges, time for Randy and Paula to move on so we can get some new blood. Here are my thoughts on the guys so far, there are some hotties in there. I have left off Danny Noriega and Chikezie as this is a favorite hunks blog and they are not my favorites, or hunk worthy to me. I don't dislike either of them, but can't get excited about them either.

David Archuleta
Ok, he is cute, like a puppy, but I do not get the degree of praise he is getting. I usually root for the underdog so maybe the comments Simon has been making have turned me off, but I enjoy him, but actually wish he would leave sooner than later. His voice is not quite as good as some might think, and I think that will show itself more as the season continues. I think anyone Simon is pimping as the winner this early in the game is in for a fall.

David Hernandez
Hot bod, and it is great to have an ex stripper up there belting away. He did well last night.

David Cook and Michael Johns, like them both, not in love with either. Did love Cook's version of Hello last night.

Luke Menard
Cute as anything, but yawn.

Jason Castro
I think Jason is pretty damn cute, but not sure I would so much if he lost the dreads. He is a good performer doomed to get lost in the mix. On another year, he could win the show, but there are too many big personalities the judges are pushing this year. Maybe my favorite so far.


Anonymous said...

if u dont like the judges then watch something else. all the judges are staying until the show gets cancelled. (or that is, when the judges leave, the show will get cancelled)

TyeBriggs said...

Nah, I will watch and moan about the judges.