Saturday, June 21, 2008

Favorite Birthday Boy for June 21st Leigh McCloskey

Actor Leigh McCloskey who most know from Dallas as well has various daytime soap roles turns 53 today. Prior to landing Dallas, Leigh made many quite good tv movies.
I know Leigh had a butt shot in one of his movies, but could not locate it today. If I do, I will be sure to post.

Leigh in Fraternity Vacation

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Anonymous said...

I remember it well!!! Leigh drops his pants for a shot of Penicillin in the butt so Eve "Dawn" Plumb can get a shot too in "Dawn....Teenage Prostitute"! Then he drops them for MUCH MORE FUN reasons to a football player in the sequel "Alexander, the Other Side of Dawn"! Always enjoyed the "Huh?" expression on Eve Plumb after they meet up again and he doesn't explain what he'd been up to!