Monday, August 25, 2008

Favorite Import of the Day: Sean Bean

In praise of the raw talent and beauty of England's Sean Bean. So amazing in all he does. It dosen't seem to matter if it is a huge movie like Lord Of The Rings, playing a killer in The Hitcher or his other roles such as those in Flightplan, The Island, North Country, Troy and many more. Such a fine looking man!


Anonymous said...

There was a "blogger warning" from Google, before I opened up your post...something about "objectional content", now what maiden would ever object to some yummy kitten mansicle nekkid Beanage in all his glory in his Birthday Suit?

I've adored The Mighty Bean since 1986 when he appeared in "Caravaggio" - the older he gets, the sexier he gets - and he is one of the very few actors who reach the age of 49 and don't have a face pumped full of Botox. Even his "crinkly bits" are wicked sexy. It is a true testament to Sean Bean's character he refused to get plastic surgery - how many actors pushing 50 in Hollywood don't have a face pumped full of Botox, lifted, tightened, pulled, buffed and stretched as tight as a rubber band.

Howzabout posting some "older Sean" and not just the "younger Sean" photos? He gets better with age, just like Sean Connery.

Sean Bean is what I call a "Silver Fox" - he gets better looking with age!

Love, Peace and Axel Grease,

Beangasmic Fan Girl

XAVERICO said...

I love you !!!
I'm from Brazil and I love Sean Bean series Game of Thrones