Monday, September 15, 2008

Favorite Hunk from 'Fire' Aaron Jeffery

I remember flicking the channels about 10 years ago and high up on the channels on some cable show I was thrilled to see a guy vacuuming in a red towel which his girlfriend pulled off. Completely naked and angry at her, he kept on going. At that point I was sure I turned on some movie, but no, it was a television show. At that time, I knew other countries had more nudity in movies, but I was shocked to learn some countries actually have nudity on their tv shows. The show was 'Fire'. Fire follows the lives of the men and women who work as firefighters in Australia. The guy was Aaron Jeffery and I made sure to catch Fire the next few weeks at the same time until it disappeared off the air. Just two short seasons which I hope make it to DVD one day.

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