Thursday, June 5, 2008

Favorite Blast From The Past for June 5th Jan-Michael Vincent

Jan-Michael Vincent began acting professionally in the 1960's. He really took off in the 70's in movies like Big Wednesday, Buster and Billie and Damnation Alley. The eighties provided more film roles in The Definance and hard country, but also had Jan-Michael turning to television with the lead in The Winds of War and Airwolf. two serious car accidents slowed Vincent down in the 90's, with film and tv appearances being few and far between. Vincent had the look of a bad boy, with a hardened face, but a hot body which he showed off often in his film roles.

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Anonymous said...

It's so sad that his career derailed. He could have become a greater actor but his substance abuse problems overcame him.

Every person needs another person to keep him/her grounded in reality.