Monday, May 31, 2010

The Men Of 'Everyone' (2004)

I watched the movie 'Everyone' (2004), written and directed by Bill Marchant the other night. Instead of telling you a lot about the movie, I am going to link you to the website if you want to know more about it HERE: I would just say even though the movie involves the hours prior to a gay wedding (which no one really seems to want to go to, including the grooms..) the movie is really a study of relationships. The movie, and Bill Marchant, does an incredible job of introducing us to 6 couples and with little time, letting us know all we need to know. Even with little screen time each character is fully developed, complex and interesting. The male cast are all extremely talented, not to mention very good looking, and each get a moment to shine.

Mark Hildreth:
Actor Mark Hildreth might be one of the most visible of the cast of 'Everyone'. Mark currently plays Joshua on ABC's 'V'. Mark has impressive television and film resume including 'The Tutors', 'Supernatural' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End'. The veteran of the cast, Mark has been acting professionally since his first job at age 7 with Cloris Leachman and Mare Winningham in Hallmark Hall of Fame's 'Love Is Never Silent' in 1985.

Matt Fentiman:
Matt's character Ryan, to me is the heart of 'Everyone'. Matt has appeared in many tv and movie productions but current is on staff teaching Camera / Audition at the Vancouver Film School.

Michael Chase:
Besides body shaving, Michael's role of Gale was one of characters that interested me the most. His relationship with his girlfriend disintegrates within a matter of minutes in the first half of the movie.

Andrew Moxham:
Adorable Andrew Moxham has been in projects ranging from the short lived 'Saved' through the blockbuster '2012'. Besides acting, Andrew is a Cinematographer, Editor and Director.

Stephen Park:
Stephen Park, who also recent appeared on 'V' is known to many followers of cult tv for his roles in 'Supernatural', 'The Dead Zone', Stargate SG-1' and 'Eureka'. Stephen's character of Luke is one I would have liked to have seen more of in 'Everyone'.

Below: Stephen and Andrew Moxham.

Below: Mark Hildreth with Brendan Fletcher

I have posted about British Columbia's Brendan Fletcher before on the blog. Brendan plays a street kid who causes trouble at the wedding. Brendan has been a guest on may tv shows but may be best known for his role in 'The Pacific' the mini-series from the creators of 'Band of Brothers'. I love his turn on 'Smallville' and in 'Freddy VS Jason'.

Below: Mark Hildreth and Matt Fentiman.

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