Thursday, June 10, 2010

Also Celebrating today June 10th

Also Celebrating today June 10th

Coronation Street cutie Ryan Thomas turns 26 today.

Actor Jonathan Bennett turns 29 today.

Shane West hits 32 today.

Love Doug McKeon who I first saw in 'On Golden Pond'. Doug turns 44 today.

Below: Doug in 'Mischief'

Some of Tony Ward's early photo shoots are some of the hottest out there. Tony turns 47 today.

Andrew Stevens turns 55 today.

Below: Andrew in 'Illicit Dreams'


Anonymous said...

I like andrew doing it.

Anonymous said...

a rare thing today,very beautiful looking men.....Andrew is and was one of them....with Steve bond and many others from around the world,i truly miss the days of the past

Stop the male beauty discrimination i say...