Monday, January 10, 2011

In Search Of Apollo

As it usually happens, my discovery of Apollo, Tony Apollo, came about through researching the work of another. The first shot I saw of Tony was the shot by Tony Veloz that I used above as 'pic of the day'. I knew instantly I wanted the shot on FH. Besides being an incredibly hot image there was something about the model that was both fascinating and unique. Not sure if was facial expression, the hair, the piercing or all of the above. I do know that I wanted to find out more.

Finding out more was not immediately possible. My usual forms of research did not lead me to contact info for Tony. Fortunately I came across One Angry Queer who helped Tony and I connect. One Angry Queer is actually fellow blogger Ian Awesome who had posted some shots of his friend Tony. Not finding Tony directly was actually fortunate as I have enjoyed spending time on Ian's blog. Ian writes the type of passion filled, thought provoking posts I wish I could. I encourage you all to spend some time checking out One Angry Queer for yourself!

Although I could not contact Tony quickly, if you live in Baltimore your bound to have heard of him...

"If you haven't heard, Tony Apollo is somewhat of an urban legend in Baltimore... you know, the kind that ends with everyone being hacked to death by a mental patient in a rubber mask. No one knows how old he really is, he's just always been here. If you ask your grandparents, they're sure to remember him boxing for nickels on the Block; ask your parents and they might recall him selling Brazilian tree frogs outside arcades in Towson..."

In Greek Mythology, Apollo was not just the the God of light, the sun, truth and prophecy but often forgotten was he was also the God of music, poetry, and the arts. Tony Apollo lives up to his name sake as modeling is just the beginning of Tony's interest in the arts. He describes himself as a performer, artist, activist, gender-deviant, writer, savant and strongman.

'I’ve been conflicted about definitively deciding on how I want to characterize my performance identity. Deciding means committing, and I enjoy the freedom that comes with performing for the act, and not as a character.'
Tony Apollo

Although Tony may not want to commit, when spending time on his blog I think it is artist that stands out to me. Although Tony has stood in front of the lens of some very talented photographers, it is when at work, when creating, that he is most interesting and most definitely most beautiful. The shot below is my favorite shot of Tony, incredible shot!

Tony was born in Baltimore in 1988 and says he has yet to escape, save for brief stints in Jamaica and Japan. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art (class of '10) magna cum laude. In 2010 he interned for Big Huge Games in Hunt Valley MD as a World Art intern. Tony performs regularly at 'seedy venues', and works as a freelance illustrator, portrait painter and makeup artist. Tony says he plans to attend graduate school by the Fall of 2012 where he hopes to complete both an MA and MFA. He hopes to one day contribute to the social and intellectual development of gaming as Art. Currently writes for Baltimore OUTLoud!

Photos (Top photo and those below of Tony by Carlos Pereyra.

It is really interesting that my search for Tony Apollo was actually a success. It is especially surprising since after I found him I learned he does not actually exist.

'Tony is not me. He is the me I can never become and will never want to. He can be anything I want him to be. I’ve never had this option and, honestly, its terrifies me. I plan to use him as a tool. If I can stand on a stage as this other person and make people think while making them laugh at me, I’ll feel accomplished.'

Seems to me Tony Apollo is really that person inside all of us, that strong, creative part of ourselves we spend so much time trying to find, while at the same time trying to hide. My initial instinct after seeing that first shot by Tony Veloz certainly was spot on.

If you want to spend some time 'Searching' check out:

Tony's incredible blog HERE: & on ModelMayhem HERE:


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