Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday today June 23rd to:

Happy Birthday today June 23rd to:

Still love actor Steve Sandvoss who turns 31 today.

I am sure there are others who crushed over actor Mitch Longley, especially when I first saw him 'Another World' in the early 90's. Mitch has been on fixture on tv since with appearances on 'Weeds', 'Desperate Housewives', 'Las Vegas' and more. Mitch turns 47 today.


JiEL said...

I first saw Steve Sandvos in the movie «Latter Days» (some pics are from this film) and I fell in love with this beautiful blond actor..

As a matter of fact, we were around 10 of my friends attending that projection at a Gay Film Festival here in Montréal in 2004.
ALL of us were crying at the end of the movie.

I bought the DVD and, EACH time I see it, I CRY like a BABY at the end....

Bobby F. said...

LATTER DAYS is one of the few films that touches me spiritually and emotionally. It is one of my favorite films. Steve also appeared in another Q Allan Brocka film KISS THE BRIDE (with Tori Spelling!). It is a very sweet film, too.