Thursday, December 8, 2011

Unshorn: AJPack

Above: AJ by Darren E Black

It is sort of interesting that you can stand out by looking exactly as you are. Modeling today involves so much body shaving, body covering and digital manipulation that it is often shocking to see candid shots of models without all the primping and editing. Because of all of this, 20 year old model AJPack is considered unique by something as beautiful, yet as common, as his body hair.

As much as I love the body hair, AJ's appeal goes beyond the fur. Tall, incredible body and the face of a classic leading man, strong with delicate features with beautiful brown eyes. AJ describes himself as quiet, professional and easy going, Certainly not shy, the London model likes having fun while working and being apart of the creative process. These are some of my favorite images from AJ's portfolio.

AJ by Tony Preece

AJ by Gilles Crofta

Next two shots from Dylan Rosser

Check out more of AJ's work on:
ModelMayhem HERE: & His Official Site HERE:

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Anonymous said...

..kind of interesting to see the distinctive separation of chest and pubic hair!