Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Boy Next Door? Brandon by Jay A. Rickard

A Boy Like That...
Brandon by LightWeaver

I love featuring the work of Jay A. Rickard from LightWeaver (LightWeaver on FH). As a photographer, Jay puts such care into concept and the smallest of details of each shoot. I remember when Jay described his shoot with Michael Hargis, being impressed with the time and energy he put into preparing costumes and props before the shoot so that everything would be perfect.

With the relaunch of his site LightWeaver I thought it was a good time to reintroduce you to his work and encourage you to check out his new site. The design is compliments of Jay's partner Kevin Dicks of Particle Creations and Jay has just about finished getting the content up for viewing! There will eventually be many more features to the site including the ability to purchase select images. Jay also reports he just had his first successful gallery show!

Brandon is the perfect model to showcase Jay's work. Brandon is new to modeling and these images with Jay are only his second professional shoot. One of the things Jay does so well is support and nurture new talent. Jays says although a bit shy, Brandon shows a lot of promise and really enjoys being in front of the camera.

Brandon certainly has that all American 'boy next door look' His adorable smile, and the hit of shyness Jay described, only makes some of the images that much more appealing.

Be sure to check out more of Jay's work on his newly designed site HERE:
& on Facebook HERE:

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Please show more of Brandon!!!!!