Monday, May 21, 2012


During the first couple of years of the blog I regularly posted about my love of Grey's Anatomy. Although I still watch (record and skim through...), I have lost my enthusiasm the past couple of seasons. The last time Grey's truly impressed me was the scenes before and surrounding Alex and Izzie's wedding. Although I don't dislike any of the new characters, nor do I really care about anyone who joined the show in the last three seasons except maybe Arizona.

Like the hospital shootout two seasons ago, I hated this years unnecessary plane crash. Christina's rant about not wanting to be around any more dying was rather ironic given the doctors at Seattle Grace are always put in front of a plane crash, a gun, a bomb or any other cliffhanger cliche Shonda Rhimes decides to pull from her shallow bag of tricks. This show is at it's best as a relationship drama and the theatrics only dilute it's ability to move it's viewers. I don't mind a shocking death, but the plane crash was such a insulting way to write out the wonderful Chyler Leigh. Although I applaud Kim Raver's long overdue exit, (she should have remained a guest star and left long ago) Lexie was a legacy character and although the show is on it's last legs, keeping Leigh would have enabled the option of keeping the Grey in Anatomy when Ellen Pompeo bolts. Better to have killed off Eric Dane as Mark has provided very little since his memorable towel entrance.

Hey Sondra, next season do something creative, write for Alex, Meredith and Christina as a group like in the shows first few seasons. Stop with the individual side stories that just bring your show down. Let Izzie back for closure and call up Isaiah Washington! His return would rock viewers more than any ill conceived disaster. The 70's are over, time to let the disasters go.

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Anonymous said...

I never could bring myself to watch Grey's Anatomy. I felt like I would be cheating on my favorite show of all time. ER.