Friday, November 16, 2012

Welcome to Sin City: William Byrd

Las Vegas has more than a few nicknames, Sin City of course, as well as the Capital of Second Chances. As of this past October, Las Vegas also became the new home for 25 year old William Byrd. Although he may not exactly need a second chance, William has began a second career and hopefully in William's case what happens in Vegas will be shared and viewed by many.

Originally from Philadelphia, William has been modeling since he was just six year old. This experience has led to a natural ease in front of the camera, and an ability to use his body, whether shot alone or with another models as you can see in the image below. William has a strong look and his ability to be transformable enables him to fit into many styles and looks. Sexy and intense, masculine and powerful, sensitive and vulnerable are all parts woven into his work.

You can check out more of William the model HERE: & William the photographer HERE:

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