Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brenton Parry: Waterhole!

'Last night was the opening night of my Freedom exhibition. As with any night like that, I barely got to chat to anyone properly through out the evening but everyone seemed to be having a nice time which was great. I opened the show with one piece already sold and sold another piece throughout the night. A few people told me they were going to have to go home and discuss possible purchases with partners etc so hopefully there will be a few more sales to come!'
Brenton Parry

Last fall I wrote about and posted the preview video for Brenton Parry's second exhibition of his work, Freedom! The show opened this past Saturday the 16th and runs through the end of the month. If you happen to be lucky enough to be in Australia this month, head on over to the Pine Street Gallery in Chippendale to check out Brenton's work!

Although the theme of the show is Freedom, when I think of Freedom, and of Brenton, I cannot help but think of water. Living in North America, maybe it is cliche, but to me Australia is synonymous with water. I know the country is more than it's coasts, but oceans, beaches and incredible bodies of water fill my thoughts. The image below of the Waterhole is one of my favorites from the exhibit!

Check out more or Freedom on tumblr HERE:
Also check out Brenton's new book (which features some of the images from Freedom), Aussielicious Men (10 years of male nudes) on blurb HERE:

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