Saturday, February 9, 2013


For all those living through the current nor'easter you know, it's snowing. Yes, that's the story, there is a snowstorm, a blizzard, windy, icy, slippery and cold. Not much more to say really. Except... television LOVES a drama. If you turned on the television in the last 24 hours you would think the world was ending. As much as I would love to chase down Jake Gyllenhaal and ravage him in some corner of the New York Public Library, that, like the end of the world, is not happening.

Why is it then that television stations stopped pretty much all regular programming for the last day to tell us basically that 'it's snowing.' Yes, there were the odd updates with the usual 'stay off the roads', 'parking bans' etc, but truly, regardless of the warnings, there will always be the same idiots who head out to the mall, or more likely the liquor store, when these warnings occur.

It is a bad storm I know, we get them pretty much every winter. I miss the days the weather meant either sunny or cloudy, rainy or snowy. Now snow storms are called Nemo and terms like weather bomb are spewed dramatically out of the mouths of the 'not quite good looking enough' to vocalize the actual news. By the way, if your in the North East.... it's snowing!

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greg190 said...

I agree with you.

We live north of the Mason-Dixon Line. It snows. Get used to it.